Recycling depot, Waste collection points and ECOMAT – 24. How, who, where

All information on how to access waste collection platforms. How? Who? Where?



Who: Recycling depotare dedicated to residents and owners of second homes in the municipalities of the agreement.

How: Access with CRS (Lombardy Region Health Card) or ECOCARD, which can be collected in the municipality of reference and activated at the offices of the Comunità Montana Valli del Verbano.

NB: On Saturdays and Sundays, access is allowed ONLY to private cars.



Who: They can ONLY be used by tourists and owners of second homes in the Convention municipalities (residents already benefit from door-to-door service and collection centres).

How: With Lombardy Region Health Card (CRS) or dedicated CARD distributed at Comunità Montana Valli del Verbano.



It’s an office of ECONORD Spa (the company that manages waste collection in the contracted municipalities) for relations with the public. It is responsible for the distribution of bags and bins for house waste collection and for all information on the service.



What: What is an ‘Ecomat’? It is an automatic bag dispenser for separate waste collection.

Who: Be usable by all residents and non-residents.

How: With Lombardy Region Health Card (CRS). QR Code distributed by Comunità Montana Valli del Verbano for citizen not in possession of CRS. is the email to use in the event of problems with CRS or Ecocard to access the landfill, to collect bags or to use the eco-island.



You can find all the information on waste collection platforms here.

Toll-free number: 800 13 55 86

It’s online the new web site. This service lets you know how to dispose of individual waste:

Download  the App ( iOS // Android)



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